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Email Marketing Blast

• (Email Marketing Blast)

       • We can collect up to 1 Billion emails from any location in the world.
       • Collection of the emails can be based upon any genre of music, business, or
          industry type and targeted to specific zip codes, cities, states or countries of
          your choice!


• (YouTube Promotion)
        • We can advertise you on YouTube commercials.
        • Add your content to the popular page for millions of users to view.
        • Place you on Video distribution to over 20 million sites including backlinks to
           50 Million blogger post.
        • We will build your advertising campaign on YouTube & pinpoint your target
           audience by zip code, city, state, or country.


• (Yahoo Promotion)
        • We can reach up to 50 Million people & have you number one on Yahoo with
           any keyword search.
        • Placement on Yahoo News feed were millions of users will see.
        • We will provide create an advertising campaign on Yahoo & pinpoint target
           marketing to various zip codes, cities, states and countries

Search Engine Marketing

• (Search Engine Marketing)
      • A Form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by
         increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through optimization
         and advertising.
      • SEM includes SEO Tactics and several other search marketing tactics.
      • Pinpoint your business to specific zip codes, cities, states or countries.


• (Facebook Promotion) We can reach over a billion people to your

    • We can build your Facebook profile or fan page and acquire real , active,
       buying customers from SEO,SEM,SMM, keyword researches and back links.
    • We can also Verify your Facebook Account, and have it Number 1 on the
       Facebook Newsfeed for as long as needed.
    • We can also pinpoint and target your promotions to specific zip codes, cities,
       states, and countries.

                                    Facebook Mobile Blast

    • A platform that can reach millions of potential customers.
    • We customize a platform that collects billions of active Facebook ID’s based
       upon your customer demographics and your targeted city, state, zip code, or


• (Google Advertising)

      • Up to 50 Million Ad’s per click
      • 10 million pop-ups on any website
      • 20 million back link attachment on any website
      • Cookies & Banners on any major website
      • Number one Keyword search on Google, or pinpoint your business to zip
         codes cities, states and countries.

Text Message Blasts SMS

• (Text Message Blast SMS)
      • We can collect millions of numbers from anywhere in the world.
      • We will pinpoint target marketing your business to zip codes , cities, states, or
      • Blast your link, website, or URL for millions of potential customers to see.

TV Advertising

• (TV Advertising)
      • Pinpoint anywhere in the world on any channel
      • Our goal is to get your ad in front of your target customers frequently for the
         best price possible.
      • We have the power to work out great cable advertising plans for any business
         with pinpoint target marketing to specific zip codes, cities, states, and

Ad Messenger Pop–Up

• (Ad Messenger Pop-Up)
      • When users visit a website with pop-up advertisements, the pop-up will open
         in a new browser window hidden under the user’s current browser
      • When the user closes the current browsers they will notice the pop-up
        advertisement making them less intrusive, more acceptable to users , and will
        not take users away from the publishers website.
     • This form of advertising gives advertisers a good opportunity to brand their
        product and provide customers with sufficient product information.
    • It can also provide advertisers with no creatives to use any page within their
       website as a pop-up advertisement

We have many more options to offer. For more information, contact us!

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