A media strategy is a plan of action that helps businesses reach their target audience, and by
reaching their target audience, they improve their overall bottom line. When trying to capture the
attention of a niche market, it's important to know the exact demographic and what will get their
attention in the most effective way.
If you don't have a successful media strategy plan, we can provide it for you by following these
simple steps, E-mail us and

1. Provide a letter of intent
2. Provide your budget
3. Let us know your product or service and the media platforms you wish to utilize. You can view these
under the "services button"
4. Let us know the city, state, region or county you wish to market.
Only after the fourth step can we determine the research needed for your marketing strategy
campaign and retainer. We will contact you with results and the retainer cost. Retainers begin at
$1500.00, and increases depending on the research needed for your marketing campaign. We will
provide you with the agreement and campaign cost.

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